Pond clearance and lake clearance

We specialise in clearing trees and scrub from around the edges of ponds and lakes. We can also remove trees which have fallen into lakes and ponds. Using our fleet of winch equipped Land Rover vehicles we can access virtually any site with little disturbance to the environment, this is especially suited to areas that are protected or SSSI. We can bring in larger machinery such as 360 degree tracked excavators and bulldozers for larger projects if required. We can also arrange specialist pond clearance of underwater vegetation and fish stocking etc.

We recently completed the first stages of a large project to remove self seeded sycamores around a series of ponds near Clacton. The work is currently the largest ecological project being undertaken by English Heritage. This job involved felling large trees that were leaning toward the water and recovering them using our winch equipped vehicles. You can see a video of winch recovery here:

Preparing a felled sycamore for winching

tree ready for winching