Jo’s Garden Corner – July


Carry on pruning shrubs that have flowered and feed them with an all-purpose plant food. Pinch out chrysanthemum shoot tips to encourage more flowering stems; cut down the stems of lupins and delphiniums and apply liquid feed to encourage a second flowering and remove seed heads of annuals to bring on more flowers.  This is also the best month to trim hawthorn hedges before the growth gets too tough and difficult to cut.  Also trim back your roses and feed them once they have finished their first bloom. Lawns will need mowing at least once a week at this time of year if not twice.  If you do use any weed or mosskillers on your lawns do not add the grass clippings to your compost heap for a few weeks after application.  Greenhouse tomatoes should start producing fruit this month so keep the plants well supported, watered and fed with a liquid tomato feed every week.  In the vegetable patch plant out your leeks and you can sow more French beans for a late crop. Pick blackcurrants as soon as they ripen or you may lose them to the birds.  The first week of July is usually the best time to cut lavender for drying.  Cut the whole stalk as soon as the flowers show colour, tie them in small bundles and hang out to dry in a greenhouse, shed or even the airing cupboard.  When the flowers are completely dry, rub them gently off the stalks and use in muslin bags or small bowls.