We recently carried out a large tree clearance operation for the Environment Agency as part of a £2.4 million Flood Relief Scheme in Steeple Bumpstead. The village suffers badly from flash flooding in severe wet weather conditions and some residents have been flooded out of their homes more than once in a 12 month period. We were tasked to provide two teams and clear over 200 trees along the banks of the river within 20 working days to allow the watercourse to be widened.


Starting work on willows

Removing trees above ford

Most of the trees were in residents’ back gardens and some required winching along the river itself to extract the logs. The two teams started at opposite ends of the village and managed to clear an average of ten large trees a day.

Clearing riverbank

Winching trunk out of river

All logs were cut to size for the individual residents and all waste removed from site. The appearance of a nesting mallard necessitated the creation of a 30m exclusion zone for 3 months for nature to take its course. We will return in July to clear that section. We completed the first phase of work exactly on time having removed 209 trees and over 75 tonnes of woodchip. This chip has been stockpiled and will be allowed to compost into mulch which will be incorporated back into the re-planting of the village. The stumps of the trees will be removed by the principal contractor Jackson Civil using excavators and stockpiled. We will then return in the winter to recycle these stumps to produce mulch for the replanting project. This will involve the use of a tub grinder. The tub grinder is capable of grinding down the largest stumps including the roots. see a tub grinder in action.