We recently removed a very large Salix fragilis (Crack willow) tree for a client in Clare, Suffolk. It was located on the bank of a river which had exposed the roots under the water. An arboricultural consultant inspected the tree last year and recommended the tree be removed due to the close proximity of a footpath on the opposite river bank. We were then called to carry out the removal. The tree was within a conservation area so it took 6 weeks of liaison with the local council to get permission.   It was over 35 metres tall and had a diameter of 1.2m at the base. Luckily we had a small gap between two hazel bushes to fell the tree onto the large garden. We used a rope and one of our landrovers to ensure the tree fell in exactly the right direction as there was a light wind.  You can see a video of the tree being felled here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWsPZCwo224

Once felled the tree was sectioned and split using our 25 tonne log splitter. We produced over 12 cubic metres of firewood.