What is the
Arboricultural Association?

The Arboricultural Association or Arb Association (AA) is the largest body in the UK for the tree care professional.  It was founded in 1964 by a group of government horticulturists and forestry officers who were concerned about the standards of tree care at that time.  Ten years later the AA merged with The Association of British Tree Surgeons and Arborists to form the Arb Association of today which currently has approximately 2000 members.  The aim of the organisation is to advance the science of arboriculture for the public benefit.  To that end the Association runs seminars, conferences and training courses on tree care and publishes The Arboricultural Journal, The ARB Magazine, and many other leaflets, booklets and guidance notes on all aspects of tree care.  In an industry unregulated by government, the Arb Association sets the standards for good practice and awards the status of Approved Contractor to those tree surgeons that meet the exacting standards in this difficult and dangerous profession.  It also awards the status of Registered Consultant to those individuals who have specialist knowledge on tree health, safety, preservation and issues concerning the law although these consultants do not undertake tree work themselves. The Directory of Registered Consultants and Approved Contractors is published each year and lists those consultants and companies who continue to meet the Association’s strict working standards on continual reassessment.  Anyone can contact the Arb Association to ask them for details of their local approved contractor or consultant.  This information can also be found on the Association’s website www.trees.org.uk.